Mlavi: Wholesale Beautiful, Whimscial & Souful Fashion Accessories. Mlavi Studio: fun colorful fashion accessories spread rainbows and sunshine! Mlavi Studio: fun and colorful fashion accessories spread rainbows & sunshine! Mlavi Studio fun and colorful collections of bags, wallets, coin purses, pouches, travel accessories and jewelry! Wholesale fun, colorful fashion bag, wallet, coin purse, pouch, luggage tag, jewelry and more! Mlavi boutique: fun and colorful bag, wallet, coin purse, pouch, luggage tag, necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet and gifts to make you happy! Mlavi Studio sale reps and showrooms Mlavi Studio trade shows in Paris, New York, Toronto, LA, Seattle, Vancouver and Edmonton Contact Mlavi studio Mlavi studio web site--English version Follow Mlavi Studio on Twitter for new products, specials & sales and more. Mlavi Studio Video at YouTube Chanel Mlavi Studio Facebook Page Mlavi Studio Pinterest Boards Mlavi Studio Tumblr page Mlavi Studio Google+ page
Mlavi Studio: Wholesale Beautiful Whimsical Souful Fashion Accessories
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Mlavi Studio is a Toronto Canada based designer brand that designs and distributes beautiful, whimiscal and souful fashion accessories.
We wholesale our cheerful fashion accessories to retailers in USA, Canada and 12 other countries.
For more information, please visit our About Us page.

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Feature Themes
mlavi-theme-ocean-design-fashion-accessories   mlavi-theme-retro-design-fashion-accessories   mlavi-theme-peacock-design-fashion-accessories   mlavi-theme-animal-design-fashion-accessories   mlavi-theme-horse-design-fashion-accessories   mlavi-theme-Morocco-design-fashion-accessories   mlavi-theme-dog-cat-pet-design-fashion-accessories
Ocean Dream   Groovy Retro   Paris   Animal   Artful Asia   Morocco   Pet
Feature Item
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Small Pouch   Zipper Closure Wallet   Coin Purse   Bori Bag   Luggage Tag
Mlavi Studio new designs of fashion handbags, wallets, pouches, coin purses, travel accessories and more for wholesale for wholesale now available
Special Of The Week
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