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Shoes have a long, interesting and surprising history, for example, Men were the first to wear heels. It was crucial for men riding horses to have a heel on their boot so they can stay in their stirrups. Also for centuries, heels signified a high social standing.

In 2018, over 21 billion pairs of shoes were produced worldwide. The average Canadian household spends approximately 347 Canadian dollars on women’s and girl’s footwear. U.S. women own an average of 19 pairs of shoes. While in Britain, women admitted to owning an average of 24 pairs of shoes, and prefer shopping for footwear over fashion. Many of them believe high heels making them feel taller, sexier, more confident, powerful and glamorous.

University of Kansas researchers found strangers were able to correctly judge a someone’s age, gender, income, political affiliation, emotional and other important personality traits just by looking at their shoes.

Dr. Susan Scheftel of Psychology Today says the origins of shoes’ power may lie in our childhoods. Before we can walk, we see our parents putting them on, going about their lives and leaving the house. Shoes become symbolically tied to mobility and stature, both literally and socially. As children, footwear is a first big step towards independence and individuality. Study shows 90% of women admit to loving footwear and shoes make us feel good — literally and chemically. Shoe shopping releases dopamine--our brain’s natural pleasure drug.

Our Shoe collection was inspired by our love for shoes to create these vegan leather small pouches/coin purses with illustration prints of shoes with funny quotes.

Made with Eco-friendly vegan materials, these fashion accessories are fun, unique, cheerful and affordable. They are available for wholesale to verified retailers (gift shops, clothing and fashion accessories boutiques, book stores, museum and botanical garden gift stores, specialty retailers) and corporate gift buyers. We deliver worldwide.

Mlavi's Shoe collection has been presented at top trade fairs/shows around the world including Shoe, London, New York, Toronto, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Retailers and corporate buyers can order wholesale directly through phone, fax and this web site, trade shows/fairs, sale reps and showrooms. We ship worldwide with Canada Post, USPS, DHL, UPS and FedEx.

To order wholesale, please apply for a wholesale / trade account so that you can browse our wholesale catalogs online and place your order. We ship wholesale orders from Toronto Canada to worldwide retailers and corporate customers via reliable carriers including DHL, Canada Post and other industry leaders.

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